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“i don’t watch tv” proudly says a person who spend 8 hours a day on the internet

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have you ever read a fic and your favorite character said something SO OOC THAT U LITERALLY HAD TO PAUSE AND TAKE A MOMENT


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Matty Healy telling my friend and I to whisper after inviting us on his tour bus at 3am to talk for a little after there show at the Fillmore // 4•18•14 //


pretty girls who can pull off messy hair and no make up and have eyebrow game strong enough to kill half the population are a serious threat and i am afraid of them

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As I was leaving the hotel earlier, this security guard came to me and said that he had met 5SOS this morning and said

"They are the coolest, nicest, most respectful kids to stay at this hotel. You guys definitely chose the right band to obsess over."

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Lets take a trip down Sunset Blvd. in the city of stars. ☆ su We Heart It.


I want to meet someone who makes me feel the way music does

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